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The Jumbo style Beanbag is shaped like a Jellybean, is the ultimate in relaxation and is suitable for children, teenagers or adults. It can function as a two person Bean Bag (but its way too good to share!).

Indulge yourself, winter is coming.  Perfect to mould in for your favourite movie in the warmth of inside. 

Designed and made in New Zealand in an extensive range of quality fabrics, the Jumbo Beanbag offers unwaivering comfort and everlasting style so you can relax in the knowledge that it will continue to look superb at home, work, or, anywhere...

Weighing only a few kilos, the Jumbo Beanbag is a truly transportable, extremely comfortable piece of furniture.
if you have the room the Jumbo is a must and suitable for all ages.

The Jumbo when filled is approx. 60 - 75 cm high x 1.5 m wide x 1.2 m deep with a circumference of 4.5 m.

It requires approx. 550 litres of beans (Please note, due to the size of this item we ship the cover only, for more information on filling please see our F.A.Q's)
Colour Range
100% Cotton Range
Drill_Black_1_1.JPG Drill_Sand_1.JPG Bottle Green Cotton Drill 500x500-298 Drill_Lime_1.JPG Drill Kermit 1
Black Sand Bottle Green Lime Kermit
Drill_Chocolate_1.jpg Drill_Royal_Blue_1.JPG Drill_Ocean_1.JPG Drill_Turquoise_1.jpg Purple Cotton Drill 500x500-528-927
Chocolate Royal Blue Ocean Turquoise Purple
Drill_Navy_Blue_1.JPG Wine Cotton Drill 500x500-224 Drill_Rouge_1.JPG Drill_Red_1.JPG Drill_Fuschia_1.JPG
Navy Blue Wine Rouge Red Fuchsia
Duck Egg Cotton Drill 500x500-79 Drill_Orange_1.JPG Drill_Gold_1.JPG Drill White 1
Duck Egg Orange Gold White

Printed 100% Cotton Canvas
Woodstock 50 x 50 Country Cottage 500 x 500-275 Tropical Fish - 50 x 50 World Map - Green 500x500-628 Number Plates 50x50-911
Woodstock Country Cottage Tropical Fish World Map - Green Number Plates
Kiwiana - Colours - Blue - 500x500-470 Robots - 50x50 Kiwiana - Kiwi Summer - Green - 500x500-602 Pink with white star - 50x50 Green Floral - 50 x 50
Colours - Blue Robots Kiwi Summer - Green Pink white Star Green Leaf
Kiwiana - Colours - Black - 500x500-947 NZ Place Names - Blue - 500x500-88 Sneakers - 500 x 500-132 Blue Goldfish 50x50 Kiwiana - Kiwi Summer - Charcoal - 500x500-631
Colours - Black NZ Places - Blue Sneakers Blue Tropical Fish Kiwi Summer - Charcoal
World Map - Beige 500x500-973 Kiwiana - Kiwi Summer - Ocean - 500x500-974 Camo Cotton Print-785-79-495-515-953-645-984 Hummingbirds 500x500-406
World Map - Beige Kiwi Summer - Ocean Green Camo Hummingbirds
Kiwiana - Farmers Market - Charcoal - 500x500-674 Kiwiana - Farmers Market - Beige - 500x500-394    
Farmers Market - Charcoal Farmers Market -   Beige    

Polyester 600d
Polyester_Black_3_1_1.jpg Polyester_Blue_2_1.jpg Polyester_Navy_2_1.jpg Polyester_Forest_Green_2_1.jpg Polyester_Silver_2_1.jpg
Black Royal Blue Navy Blue Forest Green Silver
Polyester_Orange_2_1.jpg Polyester_Purple_2_1.jpg Polyester_Red_2_1.jpg Polyester_White_1.jpg Charcoal Polyester 600d-534
Orange Purple Red White Charcoal

Apple_Green_Nylon_1.JPG Gold_Nylon_1.JPG Burgundy_Nylon_1.JPG Emerald_Green_Nylon_1.JPG  
Apple Green Gold Burgundy Emerald Green  


Black_Cord.JPG Shiraz-910 Cream - 8 wale tab Red Cord   11 wale Pink - 8 wale tab
Black Wine Cream Red Pink
Fern Green-959 Steel Blue Cord   11 wale Royal Blue-113-202-978-833 Graphite Grey Cord   11 wale  
Fern Steel Blue Royal Blue Graphite Grey  
Marine Grade Vinyl
Vinyl_White_1.JPG Vinyl_Champagne_1.JPG Vinyl_Silver_1.JPG Vinyl_Charcoal_1.JPG  

Jumbo Beanbag

Jumbo Bean Bag - Deluxe Comfort (550 Litres of Beans Required)
Due to size of Jumbo Beanbags and Massive Ottomans we are not able to freight filled ones outside of Canterbury - Free Delivery NZ wide for covers and liners only.
NZ $249.00
Cover Colour Choice
Liner (Recommended)  No Liner
 With Liner
Bean Filling (NZ Only)  Unfilled
 Filled - Polystyrene Beans - 550 Litres
 Filled - EcoBeans - 550 Litres

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