Polyester 600d

A strong and durable fabric that is highly water, shrink, and UV resistant as well as easily cleaned.  PU coated to enhance all these characteristics making polyester an easily maintained fabric for your beanbag needs.

Beanbags & Beyond’s are designed and made in New Zealand, our Bean Bags offer unwaivering comfort and everlasting style so you can relax in the knowledge that it will continue to look superb at home, work, or, anywhere...

All our bean bags are double stitched with strong UV and water resistant thread - they are 100% New Zealand made and made to last.

Polyester Colour Range
Polyester_Navy_2_1.jpg Polyester_Forest_Green_2_1.jpg Polyester_White_1.jpg Polyester_Purple_2_1.jpg Charcoal Polyester 600d-50x50
Navy Blue Forest Green White Purple Charcoal
Polyester_Blue_2_1.jpg Polyester_Red_2_1.jpg Polyester Black 3 1 1 Polyester Silver 2 1 Polyester Orange 2 1
Royal Blue Red Black Silver Orange
Outdoor_bean_bag_kids_children 1 1 1 1  Kids           -   4 main side panels with rectangular base.
                         When filled  -  back support height 65 cm
                                             -  width/depth of 65 cm
                                             -  circumference 2 m
                          For additional safety our kids bean bags are double zipped
                          Requires 100 litres of polystyrene beans to fill
                          Suitable for ages 1 - 5 or 6, depending on height
outdoor bean bag original Original      -   3 main side panels with circular base.
                           When filled  -  back support height 75 cm
                                               -  width/depth of 70 - 75 cm
                                               -  circumference 2.2 m
                           Requires 180 litres of polystyrene beans to fill
                           Suitable ages 2 - teens or up till approx 160 cm (5 ft 3) 
Outdoor bean bag nz classic beanbag 1 1
Classic        -   4 main side panels with rectangular base.
                            When filled  -  back support height 80 cm
                                                -  width/depth of 75 - 80 cm
                                                -  circumference 2.5 m
                            Requires 220 litres of polystyrene beans to fill
                            Suitable ages 2 - adult or up till approx 183 cm (6 ft )

Outdoor bean bag nz recliner beanbag 1 1
Recliner       -   4 main side panels with rectangular base.
                             When filled  -  back support height 85 - 90 cm
                                                 -  width/depth of 80 cm
                                                 -  circumference 3.1 m
                              Requires 270 litre of polystyrene beans to fill
                              Suitable ages 2 - adult of all heights
                              Even if under 6 ft the extra size is luxury as a single seater
Outdoor bean bag jumbo nza 1 1
JUMBO - 2 seater if you have the room the Jumbo is a must
                           When filled  - 
 back support height 70 - 75 cm
                                               -  width/depth of 1.5 m by 1.2 m
                                               -  circumference 4.5 m
                            Requires 550 litres of polystyrene beans to fill
                            Suitable for all ages.
                            (**motif shown in photo is not included in price)

Polyester 600d

Polyester Bean Bag Cover
Due to size of Jumbo Beanbags and Massive Ottomans we are not able to freight filled ones outside of Canterbury - Free Delivery NZ wide for covers and liners only.
NZ $99.00
Size  Kids [100 litres]
 Original [180 litres]
 Classic [220 litres]
 Recliner [270 litres]
 Jumbo [550 litres]
 Medium Ottoman
 Large Ottoman
 Massive Ottoman
 Cushion 100 x 100cm
 Cushion 130 x 115cm
 Cushion 170 x 130cm
Colour Range
Liner (Recommended)
Polystyrene Beans (NZ Only)
Polyester 600d
NZ $99.00
100% Cotton Drill
NZ $109.00
NZ $129.00
NZ $119.00

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