Indoor Bean Bags

Bean Bag 101b 1
Lime 2 Seater 05 1  
Beanbags & Beyond’s Indoor Beanbags are available in five sizes and in a wonderful range of colours and fabrics.
Designed and made in New Zealand, our Beanbags offer unwaivering comfort and everlasting style so you can relax in the knowledge that it will continue to look superb at home, work, or, anywhere...
Available in a wide range of FABRICS, COLOURS and in all our SIZES so no member of the family has to miss out.

If you would like to view any fabric samples simply e-mail us on and we will send them out to you.

COTTON DRILL - A sturdy 100% Cotton fabric. It's strong with a tightly woven diagonal weave with fine ribs. As it is a natural fibre, durable and soft, it is one of our most popular fabrics. Available in full range of colours.

Drill_Black_1_1.JPG Drill_Sand_1.JPG Drill_Bottle_1.JPG Drill_Lime_1.JPG Drill_Olive_1.JPG Drill_Kermit_1.JPG    
Black Sand Bottle Green LimeLi Olive Kermit
Drill_Navy_Blue_1.JPG Drill_Royal_Blue_1.JPG Drill_Ocean_1.JPG Drill_Turquoise_1.jpg Drill_Purple_1.JPG Drill_Lilac_1.JPG
Navy Blue Royal Blue Ocean Turquoise Purple Lilac
Drill_Chocolate_1.jpg Drill_Wine_1.JPG Drill_Rouge_1.JPG Drill_Red_1.JPG Drill_Fuschia_1.JPG Drill_Pink_1.JPG
Chocolate Wine Rouge Red Fuschia Pink
  Drill_Orange_1.JPG Drill_Gold_1.JPG Drill_Yellow_1.JPG Drill_White_1.JPG Drill_Silver_1.JPG
  Orange Gold Yellow White Silver

PRINTED CANVAS  - Printed 100% Cotton Canvas is a thick, strong, hard-wearing and machine washable fabric

Woodstock 50 x 50 Piggy 50 x 50 Billdozer & Digger - 50x50 Atlas - 500x500-134 Blue Cars 500x500-294
Woodstock Piggy Bulldozer/Digger Atlas Blue Cars
Little Train - resized-376 Robots - 500x500-985 Tropical Letter 50 x 50 Boats - 500x500-811 Number Plates 500x500-911
Little Train Robots Tropical Letter Boats Stickmen
Vintage Post 50 x 50 Pink with white star - 500x500-374-861 Sneakers - 500 x 500-132 WinniethePooh Cotton Canvas 500x500 2-61 Branchout - 500x500-177
Vintage Post Pink White Star Sneakers Winnie Pooh Branch-out
Science 50 x 50 Racing Cars 50 x 50 Pink Block Stripe-385    
Science Racing Cars Pink Block Stripe  

CORDUROY - All 100% Cotton machine washable corduroy.
Black_Cord.JPG Purple_Cord_1.jpg Yellow_Cord.jpg Red Cord   11 wale Chocolate Cord   11 wale Steel Blue Cord   11 wale Graphite Grey Cord   11 wale  
Black Purple Yellow Red Chocolate Steel Blue Graphite  
DENIM - Strong, durable and machine washable 100% Cotton Denim. Top stitching a bean bag with gold thread in this fabric looks outstanding.
Black_Denim.JPG Blue_Denim.JPG    
Black Blue  

NYLON - A rugged, durable fabric that has excellent abrasion qualities, is resistant to water, stains, mould and mildew. Also PU coated to boost the fabric's characteristics.
Apple Green Nylon 1 Gold Nylon 1 Burgundy Nylon 1 Emerald Green Nylon 1 Hot Pink Nylon 1    
Apple Green Gold Burgundy Emerald Green Hot Pink

POLYESTER 600d - Strong and durable fabric that is highly water, shrink, and UV resistant as well as easily cleaned. PU coated to enhance all these characteristics making polyester an easily maintained fabric for your beanbag needs.
Polyester_Black_3_1_1.jpg Polyester Silver 2 1 Polyester_Blue_2_1.jpg Polyester_Navy_2_1.jpg Polyester_Forest_Green_2_1.jpg    
Black Silver Royal Blue Navy Blue Forest Green
Polyester_White_1.jpg Polyester_Purple_2_1.jpg Polyester_Red_2_1.jpg Charcoal Polyester 600d-534 Polyester Orange 2 1
White Purple Red Charcoal Orange

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