About Us

Bean Bags & Beyond was started over 20 years ago in Christchurch (formally The Bean Bag Factory) by David, Adrienne and kids making it 100% New Zealand made.  Initially it was seen as a great little add-on business to their cycle helmet manufacturing business and an exciting new business venture for all the family to enjoy.  The cycle helmet business has moved on but Bean Bags & Beyond lives strongly on regardless of any 7.1 magnitude earthquake.  Unfortunately the shop sadly didn’t.  Until the earthquake hit Canterbury in September 2010 the Bean Bags & Beyond shop on the corner of Colombo and Tuam Street was without a doubt one of the most well known, respected and treasured retail outlets in Canterbury.

Time for a Change
David and Adrienne’s kids have now flown the coop (after all working at some stage in the shop) and have recently decided it was time (for themselves) to move on to other adventures.  This is where Nigel, Tracey and family begin their journey with the much loved and trusted Bean Bags & Beyond name and continue to be manufacturers / suppliers of an extensive range of Bean Bags.

A term often used but not always deserved.  With 20 years of testing and tweaking mainly through invaluable face to face customer feedback, it is impossible for Beanbags & Beyond to manufacture anything but a quality beanbag with quality polystyrene beans.  Throughout the years, through tough times and good, quality of fabric (all hand selected), thread, cutting contractors, machinists and so forth, quality has always and always will be paramount. Quality is an area that was never or ever will be sacrificed.  Anything short of Excellence is unsatisfactory.   As new owners we are continuing with every supplier, contractor, machinists that have been trusted and served Bean Bags & Beyond with such pride over the years.  In fact, we put so much emphasis on quality we produce our own polystyrene beans.

We will be continuing with the proven classic styles and range Bean Bags & Beyond has developed over the years from Kids beanbags and Pet beanbags (small to XL and we may go bigger for the Great Danes of the world), to Outdoor beanbags (using one of the most water resistant fabrics in the market with Surlast®) and Teens to Adult size beanbags in four sizes from the Original to the massive Jumbo 2 Seater.

Nonetheless, high on our priority list is also extending the wide range and styles we already offer.  Join our Members’ club with a link found on the top right corner of each of our WebPages or revisit our website from time to time to find out what’s new.

Service and Online Experience
We will continue to update our website to give you more information regarding our products, and to push Facebook posts with new products, specials and interesting events and by:

  • Increasing and/or updating photos and images;
  • Highlighting our full range of Stylesfabrics and colours available.  Along with the Bean Bag Beans we offer for sale:
  • Emphasising the benefits and value in purchasing from Bean Bags & Beyond;
  • Introducing a Special’s tile to throw out some teasers; 
  • Providing some of the Testimonials received from the vast number of past clients over the past  20 years; and
  • Introducing an enlightening Frequently asked Questions page.

All feedback is good feedback and very, very welcomed.  If you have any suggestions or an opinion regarding improvements that can be made to our website, product range or style please e-mail them through to info@beanbag.co.nz.  
We look forward to being of service to you for all your bean bag needs from pets to adults, beans and all.

To the Canterbury people – there is nothing like the personal touch, something you were use to on the corner of Colombo and Tuam Streets in the past.  Please e-mail, ring, text, send enquiry on website, smoke signal, yodel in Port Hills if you like but please contact me as I am more than happy to drop by with our range of products. 
To the rest of New Zealand, remember free delivery within New Zealand. 



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