A thick, strong, hard-wearing and machine washable canvas available in some delightful, unique colours and patterns.  If you are wanting to add colour to a room, something for your child to cherish, a printed canvas bean bag is the perfect solution and makes a perfect gift. 

We do recommend purchasing the removable liner to make removing the beans so much easier when the bean bag cover needs a thorough wash.

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Each of the beanbags side panels are 105cm in height at 55cm at widest point. 
The bean bag holds 100 litres of beans with approximate sitting dimensions as per the photo's are:
-     Circumference at base 2 metres
-     Height at back   65 cm
-     Width  65 cm
Colour Range
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Printed 100% Cotton Canvas  
Woodstock 50 x 50 Country Cottage 50x50 World Map - Green 500x500-628 World Map - Beige 500x500-973 Number Plates 50x50-911 Kiwiana - Colours - Blue - 500x500-470
Woodstock Country Cottage World Map - Green World Map - Beige Number Plates Colours - Blue
Kiwiana - Kiwi Summer - Charcoal - 500x500-631 Robots - 50x50 Kiwiana - Kiwi Summer - Green - 500x500-602 Pink with white star - 50x50 Blue Goldfish 50x50 Kiwiana - Colours - Black - 500x500-947
Kiwi Summer - Charcoal Robots Kiwi Summer - Green Pink White Star Blue Tropical Fish Colours - Black
Kiwiana - Kiwi Summer - Ocean - 500x500-974 Kiwiana - Farmers Market - Beige - 500x500-394 Sneakers - 500 x 500-132 Tropical Fish - 50 x 50 Kiwiana - Farmers Market - Charcoal - 500x500-674  
Kiwi Summer - Ocean Farmers Market - Beige Sneakers Tropical Fish Farmers Market - Charcoal  
Owls-636 Kiwiana - Colours - Charcoal 500x500-278 Camo Cotton Print-785-79-495-515-953-645-984 Green Floral - 50 x 50    
Owls Colours - Charcoal Green Camo Green Leaf    
* Please note there is limited stock available

Safety is Paramount
All of our children bean bag covers have double zips sewn into the cover, which itself is also double stitched.  The sliders are snipped off for even more safety with a paper clip needed to open the cover.
Purchase the removable liner and there are 3 layers of security for total peace of mind.

We have extended the fabric range available in the kids bean bag size to cover all your needs.  To view the options either click on the links below or visit through our Online shop. 

Kids Printed 100% Cotton Canvas

Kids Printed Cotton Canvas
Due to size of Jumbo Beanbags and Massive Ottomans we are not able to freight filled ones outside of Canterbury - Free Delivery NZ wide for covers and liners only.
NZ $129.00
Cover Print Choice
Liner (Recommended)  No Liner
 With Liner
Bean Filling (NZ Only)  Unfilled
 Filled - Polystyrene Beans - 100 litres
 Filled - EcoBeans - 100 litres

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